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Ultimate Cheeseburger

The only recipe you'll need for a delicious cheeseburger. You simply cannot go wrong with melted cheese, crispy bacon, homemade burger sauce and freshly baked Japanese milk buns. Recipe below...


Caramelised onions:

Serves 4 & enough for 1 tbsp to add to burger sauce

2 tbsp olive oil

Knob of butter

2 large red onions (sweeter) (chopped lengthways)

1 tsp brown sugar

1 tbsp balsamic vinegar

Burger Sauce:

Serves 4-6

0.5 cups mayonnaise

0.5 cups ketchup

1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce

1 tbsp caramelised red onions (this is a must)

1 tbsp finely diced gherkin

Burger Patties:

Serves 4

400g beef mince (high fat percentage is better)

High heat oil for frying (I use peanut oil)


Smoked applewood cheese

Emmental cheese


Large tomatoes (sliced)


Streaky bacon (for extra crispy bacon, cook in the oven instead of frying)

Burger Buns:


Caramelised Onions:

1. Add the olive oil and some butter into a pan over a medium heat. Once bubbling, add the onions and gently cook for 30 minutes until caramelised. After 30 minutes, add the sugar, vinegar and some salt to taste. Cook over a medium heat for another 10 minutes until fully caramelised and sticky.

Burger Sauce:

1. Mix together all ingredients and set aside for use later on.


1. Separate into balls of 100g each.

2. Add 1 tbsp of oil to a cast iron pan over a high heat. Add the burgers and press down with the back of a spatula until roughly 1/2 inch thick. Season the top with a generous pinch of salt. Fry for 2 minutes on the first side (or until crisp and brown). Flip, season with some more salt, then add a slice of cheese. I like to use a a different cheese (smoked applewood and Emmental) on each patty if having two patties. Cover with a lid until the cheese has melted. Serve just before eating so the cheese stays nice and melted.


Toast your burger buns and spread a generous amount of the burger sauce on each side. Start by placing a lettuce leaf on the bottom, then a slice of tomato (remember to season your tomatoes with salt), a burger patty, 2 slices streaky bacon, some caramelised onions, another burger patty, more bacon, more onions and the top of the burger. Enjoy!


Alberto Bustelo Mendez
Alberto Bustelo Mendez
Feb 10, 2022

Can you work for my college pls??

Thanks Sam


Dec 31, 2021

Are the pickles for the sauce a must?


Elisa Lambrecht
Elisa Lambrecht
Jul 16, 2021

In the youtube video, you made the pickles (gherkin) yourself. What ingredients did you use and how did you make it?

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